November 20, 2002

Did It My Way

There was an elderly country lady used to bring her tottery husband, my patient, to the clinic for rehab. He had had a mild stroke. You could tell they had been married since childhood; they even looked a lot like each other after 50 years of exposure to the same air, same food, and living under the same roof.

She came in just a fussin' one afternoon, givin' him the what-for. He had failed to see the world through her lens that particular day, and she wasn't one bit happy about it, either. Although they were almost each other's first cousin from the looks of 'em, it was their differences that had her so upset that day.

"What is it that he's done to get you all twisted up, Leonora?" I asked. "Walt seems like a pretty laid-back, easy going fella. I can't imagine not getting along with him".

"Laid back?! Why, he's so laid back, that man can lie down right next to a problem and go to sleep!"

Having gotten to know her pretty well, I wanted to tell her that she made me think she could lie down right next to a solution and stay up all night worrying about it. I wanted to tell her that I knew another couple just 'xactly like that. And one of us would be sleeping just fine that night, thank you.

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