November 10, 2002

Family Ties


I have been living with a shadowy professional and personal identity now for some months. This has been both a blessing, and a curse. The role I might play in this wonderful, absurd comedy of life has become murky, my purpose uncertain, changing, hopeful at times of settling once again on a new foundation. Having my children back home again last week for a few short days, plus the new role of being a grandfather of a newly-sentient twig on our slender family tree has brought back to consciousness and prominence the things I am still a part of, a taste of the soil in which I have been planted on this brief terraine of human wandering.

I have a renewed interest in my family's Appalachian roots, and hope to read, think and write more about this in Fragment's future. During the short cold days of winter, I will spend more time looking at the personal history of our rootedness in these round shouldered mountains. Then, come spring, when colors and movement returns, you can be sure that Natural History will figure prominently here once again in this dog-and-pony show from the wonderful Middle of Nowhere.

Posted by fred1st at November 10, 2002 06:46 AM
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