November 06, 2002

Dog Days

I am wondering if there is any precedent amongst your pups for anything like the following situation with our 3.5 yr old Black Lab, Buster:

Roughly three weeks ago he started limping slightly on his right back leg. Just a little at times; then more pronounced, then it would go away for a few days. Then come back and be such that he could not touch his paw to the ground, in the mornings, but no symptoms at all later in the day. Then it was his left leg that appeared painful. He has had increasing difficulty getting up from a lying position. Yesterday he only stood up a few times all day long, and I had to bribe him to do that. I have pretty well ruled out an orthopedic injury given his vascillating symptoms. It seems more like a generalized arthralgia and malaise, making me wonder if there is a disease organism at work here.

We took him to the vet yesterday, and are waiting for a 'tick panel' to come back. I am hoping that it is positive for titer to tick antibodies, since this can be treated successfully with a course of antibiotics. It takes 2 to 5 months after being bitten by the disease-carrying tick for the symptoms to come on, so it may have been some time in May, when the little blood suckers were pretty bad. Will let you know what we find out, as this info may be helpful to someone else in our situation.

AND also doggie-related: Look for a dog story by moi (shortened version of this post from August) in the Nov-Dec issue of Pet Life at your local Books A Million. No big deal. It does give me a 'clip' to send with submissions to other magazines, along with the transcript of the radio piece from last week. Gotta start somewhere, eh?

Posted by fred1st at November 6, 2002 06:08 AM

Give Buster a doggie-treat and a scratch behind the ear for me, if you will.

Posted by: ron at November 6, 2002 06:32 AM

My driving instructor used to breed labs. Apparently they are prone to arthritis in later life (although your sounds a bit young) - his vet always reckoned an aspirin a day kept the joint pain at bay! To be honest though it sounds like Buster has something else, arthritis doesn;t hop around from limb to limb. Whatever it is I hope it's not serious and he's over it soon.

Posted by: Shelagh at November 6, 2002 02:48 PM

Hip dysplasia, arthritis. How's the puppy's weight? Weight could add to the problem.

The weather isn't helping, I'm sure.

Big hugs to your baby!

Posted by: Da Goddess at November 7, 2002 04:45 AM

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