November 01, 2002

Over the River and Thru the Woods

So, being in the smallish "great time to be silver" age cohort in the blogger demographics, I now have this issue that I don't anticipate will find much common ground among Fragments watchers:

What do I want to be called when I become a grandfather?

When else, outside the Witness Protection Program, does one have the opportunity to start fresh with a new name, a new identity even, since I will become known for the first time by the new wee one under that grandfatherly name? This is a matter of considerable weight, as once named, I become that person forever in the mind of our child's child.

Back when our grandaughter was first born 21 months ago, this matter came up, a theoretical concern at the time. Shortly thereafter, I think in the context of a poem I wrote, I referred to Ann and me as Granny Annie and Grampa Grumpy. Now the grandaughter, for the first time this visit, is becoming verbal. And I emphasize 'becoming'.

I am now "Dumpa Dumpy".

Guess my old skinny self is going to be "Dumpy" from here on out. Or maybe "Dumpa". Soon, Dumba, then Dumbo, who can tell. I wonder if it's too late to have her just call me Bubba? Or Gumby?

Any advise from your own fractured grandparental experiences?

Posted by fred1st at November 1, 2002 06:45 AM

Because of my Danish Heritage we use the Danish nomenclature for grandparents. Early on we announced much to the joy of my mother (she's the Danish heritage) that we'd be using the Danish words for 'Grandfather' and 'GrandMother'.
Once you understand the rules it actually makes it easier to identify which grandparent you are referring to.
For an example here here in the states you have two 'grandpas'. In using Danish you have a FarFar and a MorFar. This is how it works:

Father = Far
Mother = Mor

So my father is FarFar (Fathers Father), my wifes mother is MorMor (Mothers Mother).

On to the point, My father is a curmudgeon (or at least thats the persona he likes to wear), and he is probably my toddlers favorite person. His identity would now be FarFar .. well, pretty soon all dignity was lost and it was changed to FartFart (by his own volition! the toddler actually says FarFar).

So I'm thinking if we compare 'Dumpa Dumpy' to 'FartFart' .. you got the better end of the stick.

Posted by: dave at November 1, 2002 09:11 AM

It could be worse...some of those possible names are frighteningly close to Dubya :-)

Posted by: Tim at November 1, 2002 04:46 PM

Well, I am a ways off from grandparenthood, though there are days I wish I'd started there first, but I've pondered this subject!

I wanna be Fairy Grandmother! I don't care what those grandbabies attempt to say...THAT'S what it'll mean.

Posted by: Da Goddess at November 4, 2002 02:39 AM

In our family, Kitty's parents wanted to be called Mama and Papa, and so they are. My parents are Grandpa and Grandma. It seems to work pretty well.

Posted by: Curt at November 5, 2002 10:21 AM

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