October 20, 2002

Goose Creek Geyser

We are living in a mystery.

Two small creeks come together in a "Y" about two stones-throw from the house. Yesterday morning, as always, they were about the same size. You can step across both dryshod, if you can find one dry stone in the middle. The head of both streams is no more than a mile and a half from here, both are spring-fed.

Yesterday morning, I worked cutting up some fallen oak a ways up the small creek to the south. When I went back yesterday afternoon, it had swollen to 4-5 times what it had been in the morning. I have seen it higher only once, after more than 3" of sudden rain.

We have had no measurable rain in the area for several days. None shows up on the radar sequence for the past 48 hours.

Working theory, initially: I have heard there is a pond up at what used to be a rustic resort, up top of the ridge. Maybe an earthen dam had been breached, and the pond was draining down our creek, temporarily sending it almost out of its banks.

It is now 18 hours since I first noted this storm surge without the storm. The pond theory is losing ground. I hear the roar of the water through closed windows now. What possibly could be the source for this sudden bounty of water? Miracle? Delusion? Magic? If I follow the creek upstream, will I find a new opening in the side of the ravine, with clear, cold water shooting out like a fire hydrant?

Posted by fred1st at October 20, 2002 07:22 AM

hope you have the time to investigate - and let us know the outcome.

Posted by: connie at October 20, 2002 09:24 AM

yes, walk up that streambed, if possible! A tantalizing mystery.

Posted by: Anita Rowland at October 20, 2002 10:57 AM

I remember, from hikes in the mountains, coming upon water seemingly gushing from the bare rocks. Wet-weather springs they were called.

I thought it a strange term, at the time, as the weather was anything but wet, but this was from my grandfather, who was never wrong.

Perhaps your mountains are disgorging the water they absorbed during the recent rains in some similar fashion?

Aint Ma Nature grand?

Posted by: Jim at October 20, 2002 09:29 PM

So many possibilities. Please do let us know what you find!

Posted by: Da Goddess at October 21, 2002 05:18 AM

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