October 19, 2002

Music Hath Charms

Who wrote the soundtrack to your life? Someone hired James Taylor for mine.

Some of the lyrics to the first track on his latest, October Road.

Well, the sun's not so hot in the sky today I can see summertime slipping away A few more geese gone A few more leaves turning red But the grass is as soft as a feather bed So I'll be king and you be queen Our kingdom's gonna be this little patch of green

Won't you lie down with me now
September grass

Don't you see the ants dancing on a blade of grass
Do you know what I know That's you and me baby
We're so small and the world's so vast
We found each other down in the grass

September grass is the sweetest kind
Goes down easy like apple wine
I hope you don't mind if I pour you some
It's made that much sweeter by the winter to come.

Won't you lie down with me now
September grass

Posted by fred1st at October 19, 2002 07:45 AM

Hmm....I wonder who'd be my guardian songwriter? If you figure it out, will you let me know?

Posted by: Da Goddess at October 19, 2002 10:16 PM

Isn't that a great song? It's one of only a few on that album that Taylor didn't write.

Posted by: Pascale Soleil at October 20, 2002 12:37 AM

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