October 18, 2002

It Only Takes A Spark...

It is my turn to take a noun and make it a verb. This 'function shift' or 'conversion' of word usage is not uncommon these days. Even last names are verbized, as in Fisking.

My new word has a rather limited application, only useful among us primatives who still make fire every morning in order to maintain body heat. (Contrary to rumour, coffee alone cannot suffice for elevating core temperatures to performance level when the indoor temperature is 55 degrees F or below.) If we want fire, we have to plan ahead; hence the new term.

Twigging: verb; to seek out and/or to obtain small dry branches of short length (twigs) for the purpose of kindling a fire.

Twigging is also the name of an outdoor competitive sport in my family. Great status and honor is gained by the one that finds the very best, choicest flock of dry, brittle, barkless terminal branches of a tulip poplar or white pine, breaks them expertly into more or less uniform length and arranges them tastefully in his or her twig bucket. Ah, presentation is everything.

These ultimate twigging specimens are worthy of inclusion in a Boxed Gift Set, with each unit individually foil-wrapped in silver and gold. Overnight delivery is available for a small extra charge, and includes a gift card with the inscription of your choice, for someone extra special in your life. Be careful to whom you send a box of gourmet twigs. Not everyone will appreciate them as much as we do.

The driest twigs make for the easiest fires.

Here I am on another topic-less Friday. I think all my blogging twigs are wet; can't get the cerebral sparks flying and my brain's taking a chill. Lots of smoke. No heat. Maybe I'd better try another pot of coffee.

Posted by fred1st at October 18, 2002 07:00 AM

meant to mention this the other day - i often use 'twigging' to mean something completely different. to twig to something is to get it. is that completely random, or have you heard that before?

Posted by: beth at October 20, 2002 08:47 AM

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