October 16, 2002

I'm OK. You're Messed Up. Bad.

Let's get started with this project (see entry below: Sue Me Sue) and save the shrinks some time and effort. You know very well what's wrong with him/her. Come on, spit it out, and create a diagnostic description for the RELATIONAL DISORDER that plagues your More-or-Less-Significant Other. Here. I'll start.

Let's fix the defect in my dear wife wherein she has 20-20 vision regarding my considerable shortcomings and blindness to her own.

We'll call that DRG code 122.21, automyopic dystonia with delusional tendencies.

Now. Got one you want to get in the books early, so the medical infrastructure can be Working For the Cure? Bigwig, put down that microbrew and weigh in here. Possumblog? Joanie? Michelle? Meryl?

Posted by fred1st at October 16, 2002 07:15 AM

DRG 189.12 Chronic Pyschosomatic Cellulosis of the Quadriceps

Posted by: Bigwig at October 16, 2002 03:41 PM

Hm? What? Faults? My sweet wife has not a single one (that I dare admit) for she is all eat up with Terminal Rebosity.

Posted by: Terry Oglesby at October 16, 2002 04:19 PM

I have no one to fault. And, I'm not offering up any of my own (BECAUSE THERE ARE NONE!)

Why do people always assume that nurses like DRGs? NO WAY!

I can spout ICD-9s all day....but I don't deal with DRGs. Nope. That's what admin's for.

Posted by: Da Goddess at October 17, 2002 09:36 PM

My family has long identified overly aggressive drivers as victims of cranio-rectal displacement disorder. . . .

Posted by: AKMA at October 19, 2002 11:10 AM

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