October 16, 2002

So, Sue Me, Sue!

Next time she says "You're making me crazy", ask her the diagnostic code and see if your insurance will pay to get her fixed.
( via Time Mag Sept 16, 2002 )

[...] Some powerful practitioners, according to a story that broke in the Washington Post last week, are lobbying for official recognition of a new and controversial category of mental illness: Relational Disorders.

Dr. Michael First, [ if he's rich, he's my long lost-lost cousin; otherwise, no relationship to Fragmented Fred of same goofy last name ] associate professor of psychiatry at Columbia University and one of the principal figures behind the push, puts the case for the novel diagnosis this way: "There is evidence that relationships and how people interact in particular relationships can be disordered in a way that's very similar to mental disorders."

Does the word DUH come to mind here?

Fragments reader Jim, newspaper magnate (or is is magnet? one sticks to the refrigerator and the other sticks it to consumers... ?) from FLA, ever watchful for things to do when we grow up, is certainly on to something here. This may be our ticket to riches and glory, Jimbo! (Jim, if we all vote yes, will you hunker down and grace us with your very own BLOG!? Pulllleeeeze?) He writes:

Hi Fred, Say, I just read this (full text of article below) and I think I'm on to something here. I know you've sorta decided on a new career and all, but I thought this might be interesting. If we hurry, we can get through law school just in time to cash in. Or maybe a doctorate in Psychology if law school takes too long? Either one ought to be a gold mine. Heck, you think the tobacco settlements were big? Just wait until we can sue Harry for driving Sally crazy. It's gonna be a gold mine, I tell ya. Getting in on the ground floor and all, I figure we can corner the market in "relational disorder" lawsuits. Now I'm thinking "start small" here, maybe only a few partners until things get going, so keep this under your hat. Unlike Prince Ngumba of Nigeria, the one who's come in to all that money and needs your help, I'm not gonna tell just anybody about this. No need to. Besides, why share all the money? Shoot. Just with the bloggers in your blogroll, we've got all the help we'd ever need. Dang, Ms. Cornett is already jurisprudential and all. I figure Bigwig will immediately see the value here. Ms. Yourish would add a little calm to the mix. You don't list Amish Tech Support, but Mr. Simon would be great at PR and client solicitations. Looks like the spiritual side would be well covered. Can't lose. Me? Well, I thought maybe CEO. After all, somebody's got to testify before Congress, and I figure I can cite the Fifth Amendment with the best of 'em. Or you can be CEO and I'll be the guy with all the big, thick books to hand to you while you testify. I'm not power hungry. So here it is. The chance of a lifetime. Whatch'ya think? Jim
Posted by fred1st at October 16, 2002 06:07 AM

Fred: This has real potential. Maybe even Ann could help out; with her background in pharmaceutical science, she could lend professional expertise to any cases in which medications might be an issue. Run it by her and see what she thinks.


Posted by: Curt at October 16, 2002 11:28 AM

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