October 12, 2002

Disarm Iraq without War

A Statement from Religious Leaders in the United States and United Kingdom

[...] We do not believe that preemptive war with Iraq: is a last resort, could effectively guard against massive civilian casualties, would be waged with adequate international authority, and could predictably create a result proportionate to the cost. And it is not clear that the threat of Saddam Hussein cannot be contained in other, less costly ways. An attack on Iraq could set a prece-dent for preemptive war, further destabilize the Middle East, and fuel more terrorism. We, there-fore, do not believe that war with Iraq can be justified under the principle of a "just war," but would be illegal, unwise, and immoral. [...]

The statement goes on to define these three indictments against the Iraqi preemptive assault. Most importantly, at the end of the statement is a form for you to sign to relay this urgent message to the White House; and if I am remembering correctly from early this morning, you will also be directed to a form in which you can enter the email addresses of ten friends, colleagues, neighbors, fellow people of faith, for their consideration of the points in this statement. Please do it this weekend. ~ FF

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