October 05, 2002

Me? Grow up?

This is one of my long-time favorites from the Red Clay Ramblers, called I Got Plans. Me too. 'cept for the parts about ladies of the night and such. Honest. And, the mornings are for me, actually. And we've only the one boy, not a strappin' pair. Other than that, it nails me to a "T". Mostly.

And I do render this one so well, accompanying myself, flatpicking a classical guitar. Sorry Ramblers. Avert your ears.

I been staying up too late, well the morning aint for me
Daylight never brings much company.
With the ladies of the night, I play the game of chance
Loosin' quarters to the jukebox, buying songs to watch'em dance.

When I grow up, I'm gonna settle down,
Cause chasin' midnight ladies ain't the funnest game in town.
Oh, they disappear like dreams, I wake up sleeping in my jeans...
I'm lonesome tonight, but I got plans.

Could be I'll pan for gold, write a novel, or join a band.
I could sell produce from a roadside stand.
Sturdy wife to share my joys, a pair of healthy strappin' boys
They'll lend a helpin' hand, we'll make a fortune off the land.

When I grow up, I'm gonna settle down,
Chew honeycomb and drive a tractor, grow things in the ground.
Oh, the dream that's in my eye is just tomorrow's enterprise
I may be broke tonight but I got plans.

Haul the proceeds to the bank, and I'll soon have lots of dough
I'll buy me a villa down in Mexico.
While the maiachis play, I'll go fishin' every day
I'll cast a net so gaily on some sunny Latin bay.

When I grow up, I'm gonna settle down,
I'll take a course in business at the night school here in town
Ah, but that'll have to wait, 'cause tonight I got a date
We'll have a drink, and keep on talking 'bout my plans.

Posted by fred1st at October 5, 2002 05:49 AM

You do indeed render it most excellently! I think the Red Clay Ramblers best be looking to their laurels.

Posted by: susanna at October 6, 2002 08:09 PM

I love the Red Clay Ramblers. We saw them perform here in Atlanta in the mid '80's and they were wonderful. Glad to see they are all still keeping busy.

Posted by: Curt at October 7, 2002 08:43 AM

As Fred knows, the Ramblers are one of my alltime very favorite musical aggregations. A wonderful mix of old timey, gospel, blues, folk, what have you. I heartily encourage Fragments' readers to track down their records and give a listen.

Sadly, one of their founding members, Tommy Thompson, had to retire from the band several years ago due to the onset of Alzheimers. The band isn't nearly as good without him, IMHO. His daughter, Jesse, has maintained a very moving set of web pages about her father's illness and the impact it has had on her and other folks. Worth a look at http://redclayramblers.tripod.com/tommy.htm.

Posted by: Tim at October 8, 2002 11:20 AM

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