October 01, 2002

Tres Blogger B & B

This weekend, we will have our first overnight guests in the house for some time. And our very first overnight guests who are, like me, cursed or blessed with the impulse to bare our white, vulnerable underbellies to the entire world in our respective and very different weblogs.

It should be interesting. There has already been negotiating going on about how the one phone line will be gerrymandered during their visit. I figure I have the hours between 4 and 6 all to myself, and they can have it wide open, after 10:00 or so (the two of them can arm-wrestle for first-dibs) when the old folks go to bed. Can't let our readerships down, certainly; and they have many more to disappoint with empty blog pages than this boy does.

My guess is we will work up a threeway-blog-entry of some sort; maybe a threesome picture to post over the weekend. Huh? Like...wait a minute! oh MY gaaaaa...do you suppose the turtle message was all about the THREE BLOGGERS who will be gathered in Floyd County on Goose Creek this weekend. Oh man! GooseBumps! Its like an alignment of the planets or something, dude. COSMIC!

Posted by fred1st at October 1, 2002 03:31 PM

Ah, the Turtle Creek blog. Well, we will want details. Thats great. Have fun.

Posted by: Bene Diction at October 2, 2002 12:24 AM

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