September 30, 2002

Live Forever. But Don't Breathe the Air

Having a ball in Bagdad. Make your plans to attend now!

From Scientific American: Machine-Phase Nanotechnology
A molecular nanotechnology pioneer predicts that the tiniest robots will revolutionize manufacturing and transform society

Another surprising medical application would be the eventual ability to repair and revive those few pioneers now in suspended animation (currently regarded as legally deceased), even those who have been preserved using the crude cryogenic storage technology available since the 1960s. Today's vitrification techniques-which prevent the formation of damaging ice crystals-should make repair easier, but even the original process appears to preserve brain structure well enough to enable restoration.

Also from SciAm:Soot Emissions Could Be Cause of China's Weather Woes

Additional studies are needed to fully appreciate soot's role in global warming and changing rain patterns, both in China and in other regions. But because of the small soot particles' adverse health effects (their size allows them to enter the lungs, where they can cause respiratory distress), limiting black carbon production will have beneficial effects. "This could be 'low-hanging fruit' in trying to deal with the anthropogenic effects on the climate," Michael Bergin of the Georgia Institute of Technology comments. "From a policy standpoint, the payoff for controlling soot could be on the scale of years rather than centuries."

Aren't you glad American lungs are above being nastied by that pollutinatin' air stuff? Business as usual, America. Breathe deep for freedom!

Malaria found in Virginia mosquitoes

Teens' infections 1st in U.S. in 20 years
(AP) LEESBURG, Va. | Malaria-carrying mosquitoes have been found near the homes of two infected teenagers. Authorities say it is the first case in at least two decades in which malaria was detected in mosquitoes and humans in a U.S. community.

And finally: Bad Ol' Bugbear! (from CNET) Bugbear worm tries to steal credit cards and passwords

Posted by fred1st at September 30, 2002 04:26 PM

I've made my wife promise me that as soon as we have the thirty-five extra thousand dollars lying around, I can invest in getting my head frozen after I die. Of course, if we get nano soon enough, I won't have to worry about it at all.

Posted by: bigwig at September 30, 2002 10:06 PM

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