September 26, 2002

And another thing...

Holy Hackberry, BatMan!

I just discovered that the Floyd World Music Festival Tickets are $50 for a one-day pass! Dang, to get our money's worth, maybe we will stay until the Neville Brothers performance at 11:00 pm...some two hours past our usual bedtime. The Nevilles are not one of my all-time favorites. Matter of fact, I am only remotely familiar with brother Aaron. A little of his falsetto-vibrato goes a long way, as far as I'm concerned; but then, you may have heard that there's no accounting for taste.

Speaking of no accounting: Have you ever wondered why Aaron Neville doesn't have that thing over his eye removed. Ya know? Call me silly: It's one of those things I lie awake at night, wondering about. .:-]

And while we are in Rosanna Rosannadanna mode: What IS the deal with Mr. Aaron's, er, personal presence, anyway?. Here he is sort of a normally proportioned guy. Then he becomes, well, pumped in an air-mattress sort of way. I wonder if it's a glandular thing?

There should be some kind of summary of our World Experience here at Fragments on Sunday or Monday. Dont fail to miss the exciting expose of the biggest event in Floyd County since Odie Gunch spent the night trapped in the sewage lagoon!

Posted by fred1st at September 26, 2002 08:23 PM

The Neville Brothers don't sound much like Aaron on his lonesome, to my ear. I think you'll like them.

Posted by: bigwig at September 26, 2002 10:37 PM

Fred, there's no accounting for taste...
I just wrote you a fun email and then it was gone. *poof* but kurt said it was for the best because if I had written it on his account you would just think it's from him...

My thoughts were... I love the sacred space on/in which you and your lovely wife live. It has quite the burden of responsibility, however, and that isn't to be underestimated. I must admit to having stoked the fires of "Blogging Man" and "Blogstock" on your very property, it being an appropriate space for such a gathering and meeting of minds. I think your son would approve (probably from the previous post, sorry, I'm completely off the cuff of the topic at the moment).

Blogging Man would be the biggest event in Floyd County since, well... anything! Look for the posts!!

As I said, there is no accounting for taste. Where do I spend most of my time (when not being with kurt's kids, eating your luscious tomatoes, and knitting)? TORn. Look at it- it just screams "RUPTURE." But that's really not what it's about... just as the "fragments from floyd" aren't really fragments... they are parts of a whole. You get to live the whole, and those of us who participate, from a distance (and when granted the blessing, from nearby), get to savor the assembled gatherings that you post on the wind... or on the spiderweb between the bushes, as in your photo.

Thinking of you,
(kurt just said "you're not writing a comment, you're writing a letter!" and he's right- I'm no good at short, pithy remarks)


Posted by: Thevina at September 26, 2002 10:50 PM

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