September 25, 2002

Carnival of the Vanities

Be sure and take advantage of BIGWIG's efforts over a BlogCritic, where Carnival of the Vanities is starting today! He has undertaken to solicit 'one a week' submissions from interested bloggers that will expose the essence of their favorite topics, thoughts and styles to a larger audience (BlogCritics gets roughly 1500 visitors a day, I understand.)

And what is this? Why, there is an entry from my favorite weblog (well, in the top 20)...Fragments from Floyd, on the list. No great surprise that the tall goofy guy from Goose Creek would show up in a Carnival with his dog-and-pony act.

There is some great reading here on the list. Bookmark and come back every week!

Posted by fred1st at September 25, 2002 06:14 AM
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