September 22, 2002


I don't know what this means... maybe it is a contented humming while walking down the bustling streets of Tokyo. At any rate, Fragments welcomes new visitor Kurt, and I encourage you to see a slice of life from Kurt's well done pages, including lots of photos and links to interesting Japanese culture.

And thanks also to others who have taken me up on my request to register a comment or email, letting me know about you, your weblogs or other links, and life in your part of our world.

Update: Yes, I have confirmation that hmmn... is not a japanese word or onomatopoeia, but is a reflective muttering as in "what have we here?"... a pensive musing. Not humming. Hmmmn...?

Posted by fred1st at September 22, 2002 07:11 AM

thanks for the mention....regarding the title of my blog, i meant it to mean "pondering", "musing", "mulling over", "wondering", etc. But I kind of like the image of my humming as I walk the streets of Tokyo. Come to think of it, I do talk to myself quite a bit, so perhaps you're on to something! Hmmn....

Posted by: Kurt at September 22, 2002 12:22 PM

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