September 21, 2002

Days of Wires and Roses

I broke out in a cold sweat, knowing I was about to wrestle the computer Medusa in the dreaded zone of CPU cobwebs and doghair tumbleweeds behind my $10 desk. Since the power company doesn't seem to be able to fix the fact that our power blinks off almost daily...sometimes several times daily...I was going to have to replace my surge protector with a battery backup UPS. I knew what I was going to be up against, but it was maybe worse than I had thought, and for weeks to come, I anticipated having nightmares of being strangled in anaconda fashion, by wires, cords and cables.

So, in the dark corner, wedged in the 14" space between the back of the desk and the wall (couldn't move desk any farther...another story), I rediscovered what I had mercifully forgotten: all the wires were semi-permanently taped, twist-tied, or velcro-strapped in various combinations to each other. They are more effective at harboring cobwebs and collecting dust in this bundled fashion.

Furthermore, I had forgotten that when attempting to pull one wire free to figure out it's source and purpose, it will become clotheshanger-like in behavior, and will grab two or more additional cords or cables in an attempt to thwart your plans. The harder you pull, the tighter they cling together, arm in arm, in a wirey-headed conspiracy.

Computer power supply; speakers and line-in and power; modem line and power; printer cable and power; VDT cable and power; keyboard, mouse, USB hub, answering machine line and power, cordless phone power and line to answering machine; table lamp, table radio, UPS power and phone line to the wall jack.

Surely I have left something out. One of these days, we will look back on the days of wires and laugh in a superior, modern infra-red and wireless way on these benighted times.

I got the job done, amidst strident high-volume railings against the parentage of all involved with the design and manufacture of corded computer accessories (I think I quite horrified the poor dog). Now I am waiting anxiously for today's power outtage. And it danged better happen, or I'm gonna call the Power Company and give'm a piece of my mind!

Posted by fred1st at September 21, 2002 05:52 AM

Another horror story? Whew, Fred, you need a vacation. I blogged about mine after reading yours, I've hit a fed up with technology slump too. Sigh. Blog on!

Posted by: Bene Diction at September 22, 2002 08:42 PM

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