September 10, 2002

But they look so KEWL!

I have been listening in on the ergonomics listservs recently, and keep seeing references to not-so-good news re the trend toward black computer monitors and keyboards. Conclusion: black is not beautiful, putty is pretty. Caveat out there, all you emptors.

Jeremy R. asked about eyestrain from black computer equipment. We have had that experience here at (a large well-known company) with several employees who had been given new machines. A few individuals experienced significant tearing, eye strain, and head aches, one employee was nauseous from looking at the monitor. We tried controlling the ambient light, altering the screen colors, and increasing the refresh rates. These all had limited success. In each case we ended up "dressing" the black frame of the monitor with white paper to reduce the contrast between the screen, frame, and background. We also replaced the keyboard with a more traditional putty color. The reduction in symptoms in these individuals was swift and dramatic.

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