September 09, 2002

Yea, thou I walk...

Image and words: Fred First September 16, 2001

Thank you, Lord, that in this week of turmoil,
You have given me the blessing of this quiet moment
To remember that beauty still exists just beyond my door,
And that I can know fidelity and goodness, constancy and wholeness
Even as my country strikes out against the Evil Empire
Of the human soul, prepared once again, blindly,
To extract an eye for an eye.

Quiet my heart in these green pastures.
Beside these still waters teach me
The economy and wisdom of the flowers in this field,
Even in the shadow of Death.

Thank you, Father, for the solace in the morning mist
For knowing the comforting steadfastness of this good dog,
My silent and guileless companion.
And though I fear, we stand without words
In peaceful communion
Surrounded by the works of Your Hand
Content to be still
And know.

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Posted by: sainteros at September 9, 2002 09:48 AM

Ooooooo, ghost dog.

Posted by: bigwig at September 10, 2002 04:06 PM

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