September 04, 2002

Take a Hike to NW Notes

While I wallow in my Moveable-Type of funk, go read about Fran's trip to Mt. Ranier, where she experienced streaming snow melt and screaming, over-indulged kids, commenting on her perceptions of 'American behavior'.

I must concur, in my limited travels, the phrase 'children must be children' does not have a universal standard of what it is that they must be, and I am afraid that our standards for what is proper behavior in public, and especially in a 'special area' outdoors, are rather dismally, disappointingly low.

Can anyone identify the fern pictured in Fran's post? Looks like bracken to me.

And Fran, have you tried identifying the conifers by the SMELL of their needles? There may be a discernable difference, at least for some. If not, you still have an excuse for what my family calls the NATURE SNORT.... in which I am constantly sticking some crushed plant material under their nose and demanding: OOH! SMELL THIS!

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Hi Fred! The point I was trying to make about the out-of-control kids is that the obnoxious tourists and kids in places I've recently visited were NOT Americans. It's another group, who shall remain nameless. We're not the obnoxious ones any more and I'm ready for people to stop bashing us. :-)

Couldn't identify the trees by smell 'cause I had nothing to refer to for ID.

Posted by: Fran at September 4, 2002 05:46 PM

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