September 03, 2002

Along Came A Spider-burger

Spiders are a delicacy in Cambodia. From sheer hunger during years of oppression, it was discovered that "many parts are edible". Oh, Euell Gibbons, where are you now?

Reuters [...]"On a good day, I can sell between 100 and 200 spiders," said Tum Neang, a 28-year-old spider-seller who supports her entire family by hawking the creepy-crawlies, deep fried in garlic and salt, to the people who flock to Skuon for a juicy morsel.

... they discovered they were so delicious," she said, proffering a plate piled high with hundreds of the greasy fried arachnids. "And our spiders are by far the best in Cambodia.

... According to aficionado Tum Neang, the best spider is one plucked straight from its burrow and pan fried with lashings of garlic and salt over a traditional wood fire until its skin goes a deep red-brown color.

Crispy on the outside, gooey on the inside, it should then be served piping hot.

And...ever wondered why the moon looks bigger sometimes when the new moon first peeks over the horizon?

Do you know what a harvest moon is? And that a new moon always appears just after the sun goes down?

And that 900 million years ago, a day on Earth was 18 hours?

Read more in this Christian Science report. And mark your calendars for September 21!

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I wonder: Are there things that we Westerners eat that Cambodians would find absolutely detestable, in the same way that we cringe in revulsion at the thought of eating spider? I can't think of anything off-hand. But I guess when your economy and your agriculture is that limited, you turn to other sources for food. I have to admire their resourcefulness.


Posted by: Curt at September 4, 2002 10:45 AM

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