August 31, 2002

Autumn Entomology I

The goldenrod is in full bloom and there are the usual assortment of visitors to this last source of nutrition before the cold weather sends them into hiding, or (some would say, better yet...) kills them, leaving this years eggs for next years insect hatch.

I make no apologies. I think there is beauty in these lesser creatures... after a summer of garden bug pictures, this is no surprise to visitors of Fragments.

I will mostly refrain from any editorializing, just let the images stand on their own. I hope you enjoy seeing them, though I know some of you will be happy when winter comes and Fragments is bug-free.

Image copyright Fred First

I have no idea what the name of this wasp is. What is apparent is the slender 'wasp waist'. Gals, if somebody says you're wasp-waisted, that's a compliment, okay?

Male wasps are stingless. Female wasps sting through modified ovipositors, with which they lay eggs in the ground, plant tissue, or even in other insects.

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