August 25, 2002

Drum Roll, Please!

Oh, I'm about to pee my pants. With some help (sort of like a newborn gets some help in birthing from the mother) my blogger template is (in theory) waiting for me now. Oh, that little bundle of bloggerless joy!

Or will it be a grotesque, misshapen, horrendous green thing, that even a father cannot love. As long as it has all its little fingers and little toes, I will love it as if it were my own. In real life, it belongs to Shelagh. Created parthenogenically. No real father. Just me. The step dad. goes. My first look....

Whew! He's a little weird. Not grotesque, exactly. Just, well, differently gifted. All the titles are wonky. And images are a bit truncated being as how the frame width is smaller here. And of course link colors are different, so some table backgrounds make text disappear. Little things, a freckle here, some forceps marks and a pointy little head.

But all in all, he's kinda cute, and THANKS TO SHELAGH, was born alive with a reasonably high APGAR. Let's keep him, whaddaya say?

And the hard work has only just begun. Potty training, regulated sleeping times, early discipline...and the training wheels are going to have to come off soon so little MTFragments will grow up strong and healthy, without that blogger constipation that had stunted his growth since his blogger birth in April.

Now. Its time to read the new Fraggie his bedtime story about Turkey Vultures. But maybe we will put up over at his old house, too, until all his friends learn that he has moved.

Posted by fred1st at August 25, 2002 08:31 AM
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