August 23, 2002

Writers Block Party. Nobody

Writers Block Party. Nobody Home at Fragments

Well, well. Let's see. I don't really have anything prepared to tell you this morning. How odd. Usually I have a subject just waiting to be painted in words (I usually use a 9" roller)...a folksy veggie tale, a platitude about country life, slides from our summer vacation...something. Today: nada. Between finishing up the painting on the steps (YAY!)and putting in the Fall garden yesterday, my hands were so occupied that the word-generator shut down. Temporarily. That's a threat, or a promise, you decide.

I don't quite understand how I can be in a writing slump, what with all the excitement around here this week. (Not!) As you regular readers know, I am presently a house husband, 15 miles from town, a mile from our nearest neighbor (who wishes she was 15 miles from her nearest neighbor)...just me and the dog here most days. You'd wonder I find anything to fill the pages of Fragments at all, much less multiple entries most days. Not a lot happens here in a typical day, but there are the occasional 'events'.

This week, I could have written about our getting a new refrigerator... an episode not without its comedy. But then, the humor would mostly be at the expense of the wife, who insisted that we must thoroughly clean the entire house because 'we don't want those movers to think we live like pigs'. Yes, Ann: large hairy stevadors from West Virginia are known for their White-Glove inspections and high standards of cleanliness in the homes they visit in the delivery of large appliances. On the other hand, she might have had a point.

I was glad she was not the one to see what lurked under the old refrigerator when I moved it out of the way for the new one. Even though I pride myself on my taxonomic skills generally, I could not even identify the organic matter under our refrigerator to KINGDOM. Taking a stab at it: mycological, Kingdom Fungi. I wondered, perhaps, if the large gray wooly mass could be harvested and processed, converted perhaps to a source of nutrition, like Quorn...the meatlike substance made from mold that has been enjoyed in Europe for years, now available (and right there in front of me in the dustpan) in the United States. Nah. I won't write about that.

We are in that in-between season, neither fish nor fowl, with summer dying and autumn not yet born. I am sure when the cool weather comes in earnest, this heat-induced lethargy will fall away, the drought-dust will settle when the hurricane bands spread some real rains up our way. The writing juices will drip, then trickle and flow, and I will look back and remember the brief spell when the words wouldn't come.

In the blog-introspection department: Fragments seems to have reached some sort of steady state, for the time being. There are enough visitors to keep it from echoing like an empty house. More visitors are coming from bookmarks, fewer from referrer's pages. Numbers are up a bit, visit length and page views falling. The average visit is now 2 minutes 5 seconds and headed downward. The comments ratio is about 1 comment per 30 visitors and email about the same. Geobutton has been a valuable tool now, after my first two weeks of use, with guests from Kuala Lampur, Singapore, Belarus, and many other places ...I am relearning my geography by looking up each new country that signs the guest book. I get more visits from the Northwest than the South in the US, which surprises me. Thanks to those who have read the longer pieces and seem to enjoy them. Non gustibus disputandum, don't ya reckon?

Bear with me in the POSSIBLE but not-yet certain and certainly not completed process of moving Fragments to a Moveable Type location. I am going to try importing the blogspot template into a "test" MT blog this weekend, when I am here alone. If I scream, weep, wimper or drool, just pat me on the head, pretend to be sympathetic to me, and especially be nice to Ann during this time of crisis. You know, I think she sort of breathes a sigh of relief as she drives off to work each morning, knowing she doesn't have to listen to me shriek like a banshee when Blogger goes down, or the computer crashes and I lose my award-winning story on the sex-lives of the mushrooms. Dang, that one woulda been a prize winner.

Ya'll have a good weekend. Thanks for sticking with me through this writers' block party this morning. I think I am unstuck, and will commence to write about grackles, crows and ravens. And you know I'm not kidding. Have a good weekend, Mrs. Calabash, where ever you are.

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