August 22, 2002

Lifetime Warranty, Small Comfort

Lifetime Warranty, Small Comfort

You may have discerned from the nooks and crannies of Fragments that I am the kind of person who likes to hold on to a good thing. I find something that fits me, works well and becomes smooth with age, more the better.

Yesterday, I had a debate with Ann in the choice of paying $3.00 or $10.00 for some hardware store item.

"The $10 one is built a whole lot better. I know it's more expensive, but I would rather pay $10 and get something that will last a lifetime", I argued.

She replied, "You are forgetting how old we are. Three dollars might be all you need to spend for a lifetime's worth of use".

I keep her around, so as to maintain my perspective. But I bought the $10 one anyway.

Posted by fred1st at August 22, 2002 06:46 AM
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