August 16, 2002

Typing Whilst Moving I

Typing Whilst Moving

I am in the midst of a possible metamorphosis from Blogger to Moveable Type. Literally 'out of heaven' Shelagh of BlogOn somehow heard my desparate plea for server space and the chance to try Moveable Type with Training Wheels, before committing to relocating Fragments to MT. So far, so good, I guess.

I have a young MT blog up and running, with some repeats from Fragments/blogger and some stuff only posted there. Soon I will be attempting to import my Fragments/blogger template into Moveable Type. Any words from the wise among you who have made this transition? I am open for any suggestions or warnings you might offer.

BTW...I just posted TWO 'new' images over at the MT blog this morning. Sorry, Bene, no color over there yet. Our technical staff is working on it. Thanks for the help, Shelagh!

Posted by fred1st at August 16, 2002 07:22 AM
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