August 16, 2002

Other Voices I am

Other Voices

I am not above snipping and posting. I generally don't. Today we are traveling out of town, and my mind is more occupied with finding socks than with finding (what loosely passes for) the right words here at Fragments. And, as seems to be the cycle, I am looking back over the last week's postings. My responses, looking at them with the eye of an 'outsider' varies from "Oh, that was worth saying, if not said very well" to "this guy should be locked up" or "can we put this weblog on SpamGuard?"

It has been a crazy week. For those who expressed their concerns after all the 'cloud poodle' stuff this week, I am back on my medications (wink). Here are a few odds and ends from places I have been lately.

From A Small Victory
[...] I miss that stuff. I miss seeing the ice cream man as a huge treat rather than a huge burden on my wallet. I miss seeing the pool as an escape from the heat rather than a danger to every small child in the yard. I miss the yells of "tag, you're it!" and the days we would spend on our bicycles making lefts and rights and rights and lefts, trying hard to see if we could get lost in our own neighborhood [...]

From Northwest Notes:
[...] I left the sandals at the very edge of the water and waded in. It was shaded by trees and overgrown shrubs and was just slightly cool. I can hardly remember the last time I was in the water before today. Timidly, I swam out a short distance, into the sun. I couldnt see the bottomonly the tall, hairy weeds that neared the surface. So I didnt know how quickly the water would get deep. When I couldnt touch bottom, I swam back and started over. Once I got used to the weeds touching me, they didnt bother me [...]

From, reached via Rebecca's Pocket:
[...] Energy has always been the basis of cultural complexity and it always will be. the past clarifies potential paths to the future. One often-discussed path is cultural and economic simplicity and lower energy costs. This could come about through the "crash" that many fear -- a genuine collapse over a period of one or two generations, with much violence, starvation, and loss of population. The alternative is the "soft landing" that many people hope for - a voluntary change to solar energy and green fuels, energy-conserving technologies, and less overall consumption. This is a utopian alternative that, as suggested above, will come about only if severe, prolonged hardship in industrial nations makes it attractive, and if economic growth and consumerism can be removed from the realm of ideology. - Joseph A. Tainter
And from Redwood Dragon:
[...] Citing teachings dating back to the Second Vatican Council, and statements by Pope John Paul II throughout his papacy, the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops declared unequivocally that the biblical covenant between Jews and God is valid and therefore Jews do not need to be saved through faith in Jesus.[...]

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