August 15, 2002

Pain Hurts It's a

Pain Hurts

It's a case of 'physician heal thyself'. A physical therapist shouldn't admit that he has back pain, I suppose. Now, there is back pain and there is back pain. I have had both. What I have right now is the lesser of the two: myofascial pain. Not life threatening or severly debilitating. Just a pure-dee aggravation, is all.

Most any time I twist at the trunk while leaning, (as in hoeing in the garden this morning...bad body mechanics! you ought to know better!) or use my arms in an awkward posture (like today, sitting side-saddle on a step, reaching up to use the sander on the riser two steps higher, until all the steps were sanded), I get a ropy, knotty, painful trigger point in a muscle. This one tonight is under my shoulder blade. Some of you probably get the same results from too much hunkering behind the computer screen. Faulty posture is a frequent cause for myofascial pain.

The reason I mention this is to tell you about a neat tool that helps inactivate active muscle trigger points, the point-tender sore places that almost everybody experiences. It is so simple and I can't say how many times I have given myself a good dope-slap for not inventing this thing myself.

It is called a TheraCane. Basically, it just provides a way to administer deep pressure to a trigger point. This compression can inactive the point and keep the pain condition from escalating. Many trigger points are in the upper and lower back. The curved cane lets you reach those spots and apply firm pressure to the painful areas. It is very effective, not expensive, unbreakable and safe to use.

Pain hurts. I try to avoid it whenever possible. There are some good physical methods for treating muscle pain that don't require medications. The TheraCane is one of them. I will be keeping mine close by for a while.

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