August 15, 2002

Revelation in the Clouds

Revelation in the Clouds

The results are back after exhaustive testing by the Shroud of Turin Forensics Team, and here are the conclusions regarding the TRUE vision inscripted in the cloud:

Obviously, what you are seeing here (as outlined by our expert technicians to facilitate your grasp of this arcane apparition) is a regally pampered and immaculately groomed, rather small Poodledog Princess, lying on its side (facing left of image), expectantly, on an affordable, adjustable deluxe Craftmatic Dog Bed at firmness setting 4.

Most significantly, our experts, by means of highly-technical graphics enhancement techniques, have revealed a part of the image that was initially just out of view to left of image, showing the Finger of the Hand of God approaching, poised to tickle the Royal Belly of the Heavenly Poodle. I think you will agree, this is life-altering. I may start my own denomination.

This is the true vision of the clouds. And now you know the answer to LIFE, THE UNIVERSE and EVERYTHING! Kehaar, you were close!

Posted by fred1st at August 15, 2002 05:30 AM
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