August 14, 2002

Oh Death, Where is

Oh Death, Where is Thy Sting?

I'm sorry. I said I would stop with the garden pictures. I can't help myself. I'm out of control. I admit it.

I mentioned last night that I had tangled with some bad critters...these Saddleback Caterpillars are all over the corn! I gave you a link to go see them, and a few more venomous caterpillars. But no, I'm not content to let my readers go look at somebody else's photos from some inferior garden other than ours here on (what used to be) Goose Creek (before the current drought).

I am serious here, folks. Get to know this one. Do not pet. Check out those needle-like hairs both fore and aft on this seductively beautiful larva. They break off in your skin. They are poison tipped. Bactine doesn't do squat to put out the fire. I have seen it recommended to cover the stung area with adhesive tape, and pull off the tape in hopes of pulling out the almost microscopic stinging hairs. Cussing loudly also seems to help.

Now, if you have somebody that you really want to ruin their day, a half-dozen of these inside a baseball cap might just do the trick. You didn't hear it from me!

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