August 13, 2002

YadaYadaYada Fran up (over?


Fran up (over? up and over?) at Northwest Notes has been on another outting to some REAL mountains, and she was packing the digital. Nice shots, wonderful Earth!

Possumblog, Silflay Hraka, and Cut on the Bias have pointed their readers to the Cloud Rorschach Test. Entries are trickling in. Tension is mounting. Who will have THE ANSWER to LIFE, the UNIVERSE, and EVERYTHING? (and if you know that it's 42, don't tell).

Greetings to Eleanor, who does a wonderful work at Mossbern Animal Rescue Centre where "we rescue misused, abused, unwanted and neglected animals, and provide therapeutic work placements for children and adults with problems. Our aim is to enhance the lives of both people and animals through our work". She visits Fragments from near Glasgow...a most wonderful area we were pleased to visit last year in our brief travels to Ireland and Scotland.

And, in spite of myself, another garden tip: Don't pet the pretty little caterpillars on the corn. The Saddleback Caterpillar is one of several stinging caterpillars pictured on this page. I discovered quite a few of them in the garden tonight by wearing shorts while weeding the corn. Very painful. Bad dudes. Show your kids these pictures and avoid some serious discomfort.

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