August 11, 2002

Perseids! Come to our

Perseids! Come to our pasture.
Bring lawn chairs.
Darkness will be provided.

Normally, the best time to observe the Perseids would be from 1-4 am during the morning of August 12. However, in 2002 things are a little different. Two maxima are expected: One around 22:00 Universal Time on August 12 and one around 8:00 UT on August 13. For those on the East Coast of the United States, these times correspond to 6 pm (August 12) and 4 am (August 13) Eastern Daylight Savings Time. For those in North American, the best time to watch is the Tuesday morning of August 13 (after midnight of Monday, August 12). If you do not want to get up so early, we suggest that you view the Perseids in the evening of Monday, August 12.

More at Watch those necks, folks. Say, here's my card. You just might need some physical therapy on the neck and shoulders...

Update Monday morning: Set the alarm for 4 a.m., finally stumbled down the steps in the dark at 4:45. Before my feet hit the walkway, a stunning meteor with a persistent tail streaked southwest, over the barn. Then the fog settled in the valley and the show was over. Will I get up again at 4:00 tomorrow morning? Probably. Last chance until next year, folks!

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