August 10, 2002

Mr. Twigs, the Walking

Mr. Twigs, the Walking Stick

BeneDiction has placed a challenge at the feeble feet of Fragments. Other Guys, you have had fair warning in BD's post this morning:

More bloggers neat bug pictures: Barlowe Farms has a close up of a praying mantis staring right at the camera. I found it one of the most facinating creatures in the woods when I was a kid, and would go out of my way to find them. I liked having a mantis crawling up my arm, they tickled.

So, a challenge to Barlow Farms and Fragments from Floyd. Can you guys get a picture a walking stick?

And as you can see above, I have produced the desired picture without delay. Meet Mr. Twigs, the walking stick.

This little guy we starting raising from a mere splinter, after finding him, injured and afraid, hiding near our compost pile almost 15 years ago. Here is one of his baby pictures. Fran at Northwest Notes also has a pet walking stick that looks much like young Mr. Twigs.

He came to trust us and enjoy our company. He was always a healthy eater, and continued to grow in length, but never was able to put on much through the shoulders. Eventually, he became a wiry 6-footer, a veritable bean pole of a walking stick, under our loving care and encouragement.

Eventually Mr. Twigs died, leaving behind his stout central exoskeleton that you see here. I never leave home without him. And somehow, I feel like the little fella knows that he is still our favorite walking stick.

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