August 10, 2002

Off the Top of

Off the Top of My Head

:: Here are a few words from Rebecca Blood in a recent interview in the Sacramento Bee. Again, thanks to Rebecca for sending lots of nice folks to Fragments from all over the world. It has been good to hear from those of you who have emailed or commented, and you have broadened my blogging world by showing me to your sites for a tour.

:: By far the coolest tool I ran across visiting other weblogs this week was GeoButton. With a simple script insertion into my Blogger template, I am now able to know city, state and country for viewers to Fragments. This makes my isolated little hunk of space here seem more connected to people in real places in the larger world, and that's a good thing. Welcome, guests from Tel Aviv, The Hague, and a town in Norway that can't be spelled on the Earthling keyboard.

:: Once again, we are in the weekend visit slump. Is it possible to believe that the community of bloggers en masse have made the personal choice to refrain from tending their weblogs on the weekend, so they can spend quality time with spouses, children, friends...NAH! I am more certain than ever that most bloggers must do their weblogging from work. Am I right? I mean, who would spend their own at-home, personal time writing about tomato horn worms and dog behavior?

:: The gauntlet is thrown. Bene Diction has placed the challenge for the best picture of a "Walking Stick". Barlowe Farms, give it your best shot.

:: Just got buzzed by a hummingbird in the garden, while watering our poor, thirsty tomato plants. I didn't know h'birds came to tomatos! Natch. It was enticed by the orange nylon baling twine I use to tie up the plants. Sorry Charlie, no nectar there. And on the topic of disappointment: for the Google searcher hunting for "teen +son +big +feet +growing +shoe +size", I don't think I have a recent essay on that subject, but will give it some thought. Check back soon.

:: I wish I had a reason to use backgrounds, just so I could play around with these stunning permutations of light, color and texture over at Pinnaped. This is a rich site, go planning to spend at least an hour wandering around; then bookmark it for later.

:: Early morning discovery: Mild mannered Buster had a bit of a side-dish with breakfast this morning....POSSUM. And it weren't playing. Not dead all the way, but it has not crawled out of the back of the truck yet. I am looking for a shoebox, so I can mail it to Trussville for a proper burial.

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