August 08, 2002

Recent footprints among the Fragments

Dave Trowbridge of Redwood Dragon has allowed my conjecture that Black Labs have the 'best disposition among large dogs' but offers

De canibus non est disputandum, but although I never met a Black Lab I didn't like, I prefer the temperament of a good, solid, German-line GSD. Aloof confidence married to incredible intensity is probably the best way to put what I find attractive in them.

Aloof confidence married to incredible intensity: I thought that was the description on the label on a bottle of Peach Ripple.

And, great huge surprise: Bigwig of Silflay Hraka is seeing things in the cloud picture.

I don't know about anyone else, but to me that looks like a cartoon English sheepdog, smoking a pipe and chasing a TIE fighter

After this comment, I had this brief notion to find a Rorschach series for Bigwig, with the perverse thought of posting his results here on Fragments. But then there are some things better left unexplored, don't you agree? Even so, I may post another CLOUD picture and see what kind of airy-ethereal and mind-twisting creatures my blog visitors see in it.

Hmmm. Always wanted to be a psychologist: That is very interesting. Why did you say that? Tell me about your mother. That will be two hundred dollars.

And....we appreciated the hello from Dave Smith of Balmy Northern Florida who comes to Fragments for the vicarious cool breezes; happy that he has added us to his daily list!

Late Breaking Addition: We are happy to welcome fellow photographer and Friend to the Outdoors, Fran who manages Northwest Notes, to the Fragments family. She comments that "Reading your online journal is like drinking fresh cold spring water for me". Well shucks, Fran, drink all you want, just be careful 'cause there are salamanders in the springbox.

I am just plain tickled to learn of Pinniped, the oeuvre of Barbara W, a site worthy of some perusal, and also reading with care. Fragments is among an august short list of sites she links to, and I am sure this must be a mistake, but where would we be without mutations, folks!? Barbara notes its not just me who wonders where are the butterflies?

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