August 05, 2002

Type Cast: the Bug

Type Cast: the Bug Man

I suppose I will continue with my jujitsu approach to life, letting the weight and momentum of my opponent work to my advantage.

Of late, I am getting the reputation of being the 'bug man' of the blogosphere (I don't see anybody else vying for the title...wonder why?) So, next in the series...

As I sit here at my desk, I look out on a Butterfly Bush just outside my window; beyond that, the barn, the foot path, and the pasture. The bush, within touching distance, is literally covered in butterflies, moths, and various bees and wasps. I have become quite accustomed to these visitors, and hardly notice them much anymore, I am afraid.

But yesterday, I did a double-take, seeing what at first appeared to be a honey-I-shrunk-the-hummingbird...about 1/3 the size of a hummer, but with identical hovering and jet-propelled flower-searching behavior. It is a bumblebee-looking hummingbird clearwing moth.

They are not that uncommon, feeding in daylight hours, especially on tubular flowers like the Butterfly Bush, and honeysuckles. Hope now that you know they exist, you might spy one in a garden near you!

Posted by fred1st at August 5, 2002 05:30 PM
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