August 04, 2002

Let's have a show

Let's have a show of hands:

How many of you blogger-types have a 'mental image' of what the folks behind the blogs you visit regularly look like? I find I can scarcely avoid it, and that image in my head, every time I read a distinctively-flavored blog, is strongly influenced by the subject matter of the weblog, inferred or known age, nationality, gender, self-description, and/or writing style.

When I do find a more detailed description about the blogger in his or her 'about' section, it really helps me 'know' my source. A few even post pictures, and that helps even more.

Found yesterday: This picture of me, wife, mom and son (most wonderful daughter not on this trip)...on our visit to Ireland last year. Me without the usual beard...I DO have a chin, after all!

Now, tell me, you regular visitors: you had pictured me in bib overalls with my front teeth missing and my right eye all squinched up like Festus Haggen. Am I right?

Posted by fred1st at August 4, 2002 06:55 AM
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