August 02, 2002

Friday Potpourri Well, Meryl,

Friday Potpourri

Well, Meryl, I have some humbling news. After crowing about how sparsely populated Floyd County is, all that elbow room and such, I come across an article in Outdoor Magazine yesterday while I was getting my oil changed in Christiansburg. Wow, do I feel crowded! Highlands County (billing itself as the Switzerland of Virginia) is located about 5 counties north-north east of us here. Check this out:

Highlands County: population 2518 in 416 sq miles: density 6.1/sq mile
Floyd County: population 14000 on 391 sq miles: density 36/sq mile

Okay, that does it. We're outta here. Pack up the wagon, maw, we're aheadin' north.

Astute reader Brian suggests that "You could move to Brewster County in West Texas. Population of 8,859 in 6,193 sq. miles giving an awesome density of 1.4 people per square mile". Gosh, wouldn't that be lonely, being the only whole person on your mile, with less than half a companion to keep you company!

And the Dog Hair Collection Miracle, the latest in the line of the "Why Can't They Be Like Us" series has gotten the response of only one courageous guy who understands the need to educate our spouses in the ways of jujitsu housekeeping. Wylie is a wise man. Now, where are the rest of you out there? How 'bout you, Mr. Possum; Bigwig?. Surely you guy-types have some wise words regarding how these gender decisions are made at your house....

UPDATED UPDATE: Bigwig, in his typical incisive manner (oops, sorry, didn't mean to make fun of your big rabbit teeth) gives away precious secrets of the male species, and will have to remain in his warren until the rest of us guys decide what to do with him. Nevertheless, since he has let the lagomorph out of the bag, here are his tactics for chores mitigation:

Number 1 is ignore them, or fail to see them, or in the case of diapers, smell them.

#2 is to do lots of them very fast, in the hopes that i'll have time to myself afterwards.

#3 is to do something so poorly that I will never be asked to do it again.

Some combination of these usually gets me thru the day pretty well.

UPDATE: This just in from PossumBLog: "Fortune has smiled upon me, in that the lovely Miss Reba is no more inclined to picking a fight with clutter and debris than I am. Of course, this does mean that rather than trying to come to terms with the best way to pick up bits of stuff, we discuss how long it will be before we have to move to another house to escape the ever encroaching tide of Pokemon cards, shoe laces, Barbie accessories, hair barettes, bits of string, small sparkley notebooks, Hot Wheels, socks, books, jigsaw puzzle pieces, crumbs, skillets, bills, earphones, wrappers, and great huge wads of long, flowing girl hair which cling to every square inch of carpet in the house.

We estimate another three days before critical mass is reached."

Yeah, buddies. What a way to go. Death by entropy. The guy way. Like God intended. Not death by chronically recurring attacks of Neatness, like being nibbled to death by mice!.

Also during the oil change, I picked up the Roanoke paper, noticing a picture of the Dean of the School of Allied Health at a nearby college, a fellow I have known professionally for several years. Cool, he made the front page...check it out. DEAD at age 51. Maybe I'll stay away from the newspaper after all. And no more oil changes where they have 'current events'. Ignorance is bliss. I should be exceedingly blissful, then.

I have been weblogging long enough now to have some meaningful visit patterns on my hit-meter history. Interesting: Tuesdays consistently highest, bounded by second highest Mon and Tues, then down from Th to Sun and back up again on Mondays. Some late night visits from Europe, peak apparently after eastern time zone folks get to work 8-9:00 a.m., and at lunch time, and 8-9:00 at night.

I wish that Fragments topics ... vegetables, clouds and weather, and insects ... were more controversial. It would generate more interesting email and comments than "we got bees here, too". So far, there has not been a great deal of repartee regarding the squash, honeybees or corn. But I have plans, folks. Just stay tuned. Coming up soon in Fragments: the lost hiking stick; America's largest amphibian; and Rat Head Stew. Ooooh! And another insect picture, maybe on Saturday! Now more bug pictures should generate some real excitement! Grrroooovy, Baby!

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