July 31, 2002

To Bee or not

To Bee or not to Bee

Well, just let me go singing the praises of bees as exemplary members the social hymenopterans on Monday, and then have to turn right around and file a complaint against some of their kin two days later!

We have canned 30 quarts of green beans so far, two batches today, then we ran out of canning jars. Ann went to fetch some from the barn this afternoon. When she opened a cardboard box labeled "jars", a buzzing stream of stinging yellow jackets poured out...got her on the shoulder and the dog, who stupidly went and put his muzzle down in the box, twice, on the nose and ear.

You have to take the noxious parts of country living with the good. Doesn't mean I have to like it, and I'll be spraying the nasty beasties with one of those hornet-blasters a couple of times again tomorrow, early and late, before venturing cautiously in to get the jars. I'm going to hate it if I get stung and break my record, this being the first summer in living memory I have not sucked up a yellow-jacket nest out of the ground with the lawnmower. Knock on wood.

UPDATE 8/04/02: Ann did it....sucked the yellow jackets up out of the ground with the lawnmower today. No stings. Lucky gal.

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