July 30, 2002

Regular Programming Has Been

Regular Programming Has Been Terporarily Cancelled

Well, I was all set to write about taking the dog to the vet today. Yes, I know you're disappointed, but some other matters have come up. Remind me again tomorrow, and if you're good little bloggermuchkins, I'll tell you a story.

Note some additions to the sidebar AGAIN today. I am happy to add Bene Diction and blogs4god to my linked sites. Both of these sites are well constructed, point to worthwhile matters of faith, and the blogs4god site promises to be an excellent 'meeting place' for faith-friendly bloggers from around the world.

I am pleased that several bloggers thought enough of my 'bee and corn' picture to post links to it. I sort of figured Susanna Cornett would appreciate it, but did not know at the time that she was very familiar with honey-gathering, first-hand. She mentioned sourwood honey, and if you have never had it, you will not understand the salivation reflex it triggered here! Also, Anita Rowland appreciated another couple of my ramblings and reveries.

And to top the day, I was inducted into the Axis of Weevil Defenders of All That is Sacred and Southern Fried. I am humbled to be thought worthy. My son read Terry Oglesby's wonderful, if understated, introduction and welcome this afternoon and said "Dad, those sound like your kind of folks".

I'm afraid may be quite disconcerting to those presently sitting on this august body of bloggers. I have accepted this invitation, however, and am looking forward to my gift pack and to my parking permit, although Agnes at the front desk pressed the security buzzer under her desk when I told her I was now part of the AOW team. I forgive you, honey, bless your little heart, you and me gotta sit down over a sweaty glass of sweet tea and have us a heart to heart after I get my desk arranged.

Now: did I ever tell you about the time I was in a tornado in Scottsboro, Alabama. Maybe tomorrow, chillen, that's enough excitement for this nite, ya hear?

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