July 29, 2002

In No Particular Order

In No Particular Order

I am really having to work on keeping a good attitude with today's heat. Maybe need to go back and read "things I like about summer". Boxer shorts not working for me today. UPDATE: I was looking for respite and found it in the long range forecast: week from today....highs in the lower 70's! YeeeHAAAAAA!

Well, we must be off the radar screen. Yes, blogspot is working; no, nobody's knocking. Good. Maybe people have a life outside their weblogs and computers. However, if one follows the visits curve downward along its present course, by noon Thursday of this week, I will be having negative visitors, and can only think that this means that some of you who have visited are going to be nothing more than a greasy spot on your LazyBoy by sometime later this week. I am very sorry.

We just got back from a walk (even in the heat it helps to be moving into the air; it simulates a breeze). In our usual loop around our valley we heard 7, perhaps 8 Wood Thrushes. Imagine hearing a half dozen or more of these, more or less simultaneously, echoing off the valley walls. (recommend the 253k file...I am using it for an alarm sound! Neat! The real thing is neater!)

The moon was beautiful last night. Once again, I found myself standing out on the walk about 2:00 in the morning, with the soundless summer lightning in the distance, silver-blue moonshadows in water-color silence across the valley. Handy rule: C for Coy, D for Daring. If the shadowy part of the moon makes it look like a C, it is getting smaller; if a D, it is heading toward the full moon. Step outside tonight and see if it is Coy or Daring.

Connie from Pennsylvania, our prayers were answered. And JP from the town of Dunn, Wisconsin, I am most impressed with what has happened in your rural area to preserve and protect precious wetlands and prairie. There is, perhaps, hope for Floyd, if town fathers can gain a 'vision'.

"We abuse land because we regard it as a commodity belonging to us. When we see land as a community to which we belong we may begin to use it with love and respect." Aldo Leopold, A Sand County Almanac

This past week, readers learned that the author of this weblog was 1) a snake handler; 2) an accused shoe thief; 3) an eater of Playdough; 4)a millipede and/or a Crawly Amphibian and 5) 'insane' squasher of email. Maybe I am starting to understand where all my readers have gone. Can't blame'em. I'd steer clear of this place, if I were me.

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