July 27, 2002

Fragments Day in Blogs

Fragments Day in Blogs

Bene Diction points out that there is a rebellion (Part II) afoot at Fragments. First Lynn announced that the gauntlet had been thrown down, and finally, NZ Bear announces (way down at the bottom of the post) that "I have found a way to quash the defiant microbes who dared to stage an uprising a few weeks back: Their ringleader, Lynn, is now a Flappy Bird, and her minion Floyd has already ascended to the level of a Crawly Amphibian".

In the way of clarification, I commented:

Dear Mr. Bear sir...

I am sorry to report that I did not pay my minion dues, and Lynn has had to let me go.

My NAME is Fred (Lynn would have called me IGOR if she had ever realized I was her minion) and I LIVE in Floyd and my weblog has some more F's in it.

I was perfectly happy being a millipede, although it is true I felt slighted as E Coli. However, Crawly Amphibians are good too, and I will need to discover now if I am a Plethodontid lunged salamander who can occasionally venture out over dry land (that would be nice) or must stay hidden under a rock (which would prevent me from adding daily to my weblog).

The microbial insurrection may be quelled for the moment, but now you should never turn your back on a 'spring lizard' or a 'flaccid flamingo'...right Lynn, er MASTER?

In other news, I have been labeled on Quae Nocent Docent as "insane" because I thought enough of my visitors to email them vegetables. Insane is it!? I must say, I resemble that remark!

Meanwhile, tomorrow, I feel another garden tale coming on. Also tomorrow, thank yous to those who have sent emails, comments, smoke signals, theta waves and other forms of communication over the past week to Fragments from Floyd (increasingly referred to on other weblogs as GOOSECREEK. Maybe I should change the name?)

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