July 27, 2002

Barn at Dusk This

Barn at Dusk

This old barn, along with the house we now live in, was considered to have no value when we first looked at the place three years ago. The first contractor we spoke to suggested we call the fire department, let them use the house and barn for 'practice', then build a modern brick rancher in its place.

What a tragedy that would have been. We suffer too often from what C S Lewis called 'chronological snobbery': the assumption that newer is always better. There is a grace and tranquility that comes about when a well-built old country barn weathers and ages.

Like keeping an album of a growing child through the years, I will have pictures of our old barn as long as we age together. We'll just have to see whose timbers rot out first.

Goose Creek is barely present during this drought, and barely visible in this picture, toward the bottom foreground. We did get some rain yesterday, thank the Lord, and were able to hear the creek noises again last night, for the first time in weeks.

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