July 26, 2002

(Barely) Macroscopic Weblogs of

(Barely) Macroscopic Weblogs of the World: UNITE!

I am no longer able to contain my silence...this insufferable slight to a slight site must be addressed! To Lynn, of Poet and Peasant, who recently, by inference, included Fragments among the slime at the bottom of the blogosphere: microbes indeed!


I feeled compelled to voice my resentment at the reference by innuendo on behalf of my kindred corpuscles that our weblogs are 'mere microbes' at the bottom of the food chain. That this blogger and associated blogs are AT THE BOTTOM, there can be no debate. But microbes! Please!

Call it hubris, but I consider myself higher than the microbe level, much higher....more on the order of a rotifer, tardigrade, or
gastrotrich....perhaps not sentient in the InstaPundit way, but multicellular, by gosh....way beyond the level of staphlococcus.

And I think I speak for other hierarchy-impaired bloggers who hope one day, after regurgitating the crumbs that trickle down from the Top Feeders above, to one day grow into truly macroscopic creatures....flatworm, flukes, leeches!

Yes, we are small and insignificant, and the higher feeders swallow hundreds of us with their corn flakes every morning, but we ARE NOT MICROBES, and its time we took a stand:

We are M.A.D! Multicellular and Defiant! MADBLOGGERS! All for one and all about nothing in particular!!

There, I feel better. Think I'll go take a bath in a drop of pond water.

Posted by fred1st at July 26, 2002 02:36 PM
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