July 26, 2002

Words and Images Where

Words and Images Where the Sidewalk Ends

Several visitors over the past week have asked about my photography and writing interests and background. Y A W N.....would you like to see my slides from our visit to Dollywood, it won't be any trouble...hold on a second while I get the sheet tacked to the wall here.

I got my first 35mm (Minolta SRT101) in, er... a long time ago, after a class field trip to the Smokies during the wildflower peak month of May. Our little Polaroid had a minimum focal distance of about 4 feet; Miterwort flowers were not even visible as faint dots at that distance.

The first month of marriage (also time of the Snake-in-the-Box story) I spent $200 (my monthly teaching stipend) on the camera and a telephoto lens. Later, added another camera body (SRT202), wide angle and macro. Long story short: I carried this stuff with me everywhere for years...lots of years. Lots of slides (wildflowers, mushrooms, ferns, salamanders, you get the idea) in lots of boxes collecting lots of mold. I loaned my camera to my son for his Bar Harbour trip three years ago (future blog). The camera strap broke while he was in Boston, no more Minolta. Dang. Guess I will finally have to go digital (yippy!).

I purchased a Nikon Coolpix 950 in April, 2000. I lost my first 1000 digital images in April 2001 when my hard drive got wiped while installing a CDRW drive so I could archive my pictures so nothing would happen to them. I love the camera for its design (feels like a 35mm) and for the swivel body. I HAD some great 'from the ground up' shots of various wildflowers that would have been impossible with a fixed camera body.

I would love to post more pictures (a new one coming to Fragments tomorrow morning BTW) but have two concerns you nice, infinitely smart visitors might be able to advise me about:

1) I need more server space to house images. My 'free' 5MB that comes with my internet service is filling up fast. I may have to delete archived images to post new ones soon. Have had PAIR suggested as a server host. Any others you can recommend looking at? If I get a paid server, will consider moving Fragments off of Blogspot, perhaps.

2) What should I do about copyright protection for posted images? Mostly, I post small images that would not do for enlargement. I have had one request for permission to use one of my images on another weblog (posted link soon), and one friend who uses one of my images as a desktop...a nice compliment to the photographer. Should I be worried about posting unwatermarked images? Any experience out there?

Lastly, re writing background: none. Most of what I write on Fragments is family stories, things I want to remember myself or to have my eventual grandchildren know about their old grumpy grandpa. For years I have had snippets of stories and tales running through my head as I drove to work...things that made me chuckle, alone and self-amused, then forgotten for want of a hearer. You, dear unfortunate readers, are now reading my thoughts.

A mind is a terrible thing to paste all over a weblog.

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