July 26, 2002

And da ol' fox

And da ol' fox say "He went dattaway!"

I think it is a pretty fair bet that Mr. Norman Solomon is right...we are seeing just the 'small fry' of the current corporate scandal, being led on a merry chase by a manipulated media.

And what does the early facade of investigation look like, you ask? Solomon has some suggestions, based on past scandals that finally came to roost in high places:

* "Damage control keeps the media barking but at bay. The press is so busy chewing on scraps near the outer perimeter that it stays away from the chicken house."

* "Despite all the hand-wringing, the press avoids basic questions that challenge institutional power and not just a few powerful individuals."

* "The scandal comes to light much later than it could have to prevent serious harm."

* "The focus is on scapegoats and fall guys, as though remedial action amounts to handing the public a few heads on a platter."

* "Sources on the inside supply tidbits of information to steer reporters in certain directions -- and away from others. With the media dashing through the woods, these sources keep pointing: 'The scandal went that-a-way!"

I am thinking that I will keep our pitiful, remaining "nest egg" buried in a sock under the chicken house for a few more months until we see where the eggs have gone, and why.

Posted by fred1st at July 26, 2002 06:05 AM
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