July 25, 2002

Love the One You're

Love the One You're With

I am spending a lot of time at home alone these days.

I have often observed in myself a tendency to adopt the speech and behavior mannerisms of those I am around a lot. And I am starting to hear my internal voice sound awful much like Festus Haggen of Gunsmoke.

The old reruns, colorized from the mid sixties, come on at lunch time. I allow myself this hour each day to venture outside my present, tiny reality, into the large lives of solid Gunsmoke characters from Saturday nights, growing up.

(Hey, where is Chester, by the way? Dennis Weaver's name is still on the marquee, but he never shows up in any of the episodes I see. I figure there is some Americans with Disabilities point being made here, since Chester had that frightful hoppity-hop-drag limp, it is probably illegal to show a feigned disability that is so poorly portrayed...something like that...but I digress).

(Nasally:) Th' thang is, fokes, that I'ma kindly gettin' worried-like, cause ya know, I mite some day wanna go out thar and git work agin. Now, this blame ol' place round hyear isa startin' to make me itch justa mite, ya unnerstand? Shore, ah been to college an' all an' ah thank ah could do jus fine back ere in Dodge an' all. But ah don't want them uppidy fokes like Doc Adams gettin' their faces all scrunched up and screwed up anda lookin' at me like ah was some kindofa bumpkin, don't ya see?

Maybe it would help if I shaved this 5-day beard and quit wearing my old broken-down Stetson around the house all day.

Whaddayou thank, dawg?

Posted by fred1st at July 25, 2002 08:46 AM
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