July 22, 2002

Scraps from Fragments Just

Scraps from Fragments

Just looking back at the blog week in review. Its too early for spinning a tall tale, so I will just lay out the old weblog scrap book here while I drink my second cup of coffee...

Fragments made some new friends over the course of the past week, and I look forward to getting to know the REAL PEOPLE behind their excellent weblogs. By way of Rebecca Blood of Rebecca's Pocket recommended the contemplative writing at Sainteros, hosted by Kurt B. down in Nashville, and I will likewise suggest you give him a read. His entries are generally quiet and reflective, but this week he is likely putting more thought into cardboard boxes, preparing for a move across town. And to Fragments via Sainteros, a nice comment and link from Francis at Xavier+.

Also this week, to us via a link at Poet and Peasant (where Lynn has unleased a feeding frenzy among us lower microbes in the Blogosphere food chain) comes Dave Trowbridge of Redwood Dragon from California. I think I have talked him into strapping himself at the top of a nearby redwood during a thunderstorm; you might want to read his account of that. Perhaps he can work the experience into one of his forthcoming SciFi stories. Dave has let his beliefs be known, in a kind and articulate manner, for which he has my respect.

Meanwhile, Meryl Y is moved, motivated and marauding the Richmond area, loaded for bear. She has recently LEFT THE CITY (Gasp!) for a visit to the country, and I hope some of those serenity molecules from the corn came home with her. She was kind enough to post a link to one of my SPIDER stories...oh great! You know how many curious souls will come to Fragments, eager for more, more, more details about SPIDERS!

Susanna Cornett is making changes in her weblog organization and focus...seems like a lot of that going on lately. I just had to send her a recent picture of the garden (which she kindly posted a link to) since we have had a bit of a discourse on the country life, and corn in particular. She has had some recent pointers to Silflay Hraka, on the Fragments list for about a month. Bigwig is now on vacation, expect upcoming entries incorporating sand, poop, and cotton candy...don't miss it!

There have been a number of kind comments this week, including encouragement from Joshua Claybourn from Indiana U, editor in chief of the Hoosier Review. And a visit from Donna Rae, who wants a farmhouse with a clothesline one day in Floyd County.

Thanks to all commenters this week, especially on the State of the Weblog (WhyBlog) thing. But hey, don't be so concrete folks. Did anybody really think I would limit my posts to 6 lines! I'm way more loquacious than that, and also verbose, and use too many words, and...

BTW, I sarcastically pulled a couple of DNS addresses from Site Meter in that post...two of them let me know who they were. Hi, and thanks for your visits, I'll know who dropped by now, including Dragonsong from Germany.

Well, it's time for more coffee. And guess I had better get busy putting away all the gloves, undies and shoes the dog brought me this morning. I know he thinks "what a slow learner!"

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