July 22, 2002

Pavlov's Dog Biscuit Don't

Pavlov's Dog Biscuit

Don't ya just hate it when kids can't make up their minds what they want to do in life? They wish and wash in college, trying this, sampling that, wasting momma and poppa's hard earned money...'deciding'. Not me, bud. After my fifth curriculum change, I was certain that I wanted to be a biologist. More or less.

One of my romps through academia was as a psych major, for a full year! In the end, the psychological wiring of my profs and fellow students weirded me out, and I went on to, oh, maybe pre-dentistry. But mom and dad's change was not wasted. No sir. I learnt me some psychology, and it is paying big dividends.

We have this largish black cast iron garden bell just outside the back door. And we have this largish Black Laborador Retriever. Problem: large black dog runs off down the creek and won't come home. Solution: pair the ringing of the bell with a positive reinforcement...a yummy puppy treat! Dog associates sound with food, salivates and everything, and comes home.

Fred, you're a genius! It actually works and my wife thinks me brilliant! I admit I feel a bit guilty for taking advantage of a dumb beast who doesn't realize his behavior is being modified by a superior mind, but hey, if he'd been to college, who knows?

Well, even as I type, here comes Buster. He has my Teva in his mouth. "You put that down", I tell him, and he grudingly drops it at my feet. Good dog! So, I guess that's about all there is to this tale, and...here he comes with an item out of wifey's intimate apparel drawer. "Bad dog, drop it!". I will probably be writing more about our pets soon. I have an especially great lost dog story that...

I'm sorry, I don't seem to be able to get anything completed because this dumb dog keeps bringing me items of clothing, et cetera. Actually he does this every morning until I get up and go fetch him a puppy treat.


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