July 21, 2002

Varieties of Religious Experience

Varieties of Religious Experience

We went one night to the Camp Meeting last year. A neighbor invited us. The Piedmont Pentecostal Holiness Church is about three miles from here, in a beautiful setting on the banks of Bottom Creek.

It was a bit of a performance, but there was no snake handling, potions or other bizarre carryings-on you would come to expect from television portrayals of rural southern Christian camp meetings.

While it wasn't my chosen manner of worship, I think God was probably no more displeased and no more amused by this boistrous, demonstrative service than by our more staid and wooden 'frozen chosen' intellectualized Presbyterian Sunday attempt honor Him. I just know He has a Great Sense of Humor, and would rather have our sad or comic attempts at praise and worship than none at all.

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